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Originally Posted by eastindia View Post
Inferiority complex is the reason for this illusion:
There is a sense of gratefulness to lawyers in the sepoys. This sepoy attitude is because of lack of self confidence. So people outsourcing their discourse of advocacy to lawyers is a dangerous thing. It implies loss of sovereignty, autonomy. Its kind of a colonization where you do not get to make any decisions but you pay lagaan/donation. This discourse of immigrant dharma has been controlled by lawyers for a long time. They hold the key to our immigration status and forms not shared with us. This is the reason we saw 30K donated to the lawyer in 1 day. In the British Raj too people happily went to fight in Wold war two for England and died in great numbers. India had the largest contingent in all allied force and nobody knows that, it is not taught in history and there is no recognition for it. Do you know that?

The only way to fix this is a game changing tactics to take back the discourse in the hands of immigrants. This is essentially was Immigration voice does. It is a radical idea because it changes existing norms and so people will protest.

What we need a Gandhi for the advocacy (flower campaign) and Bose for our own people. Bose can convert prisoners of ignorance into dedicated volunteers of Immigration voice.
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