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Originally Posted by hil3182 View Post
Having worked with many people across the country in doing local meetings, the best model do meetings is the following:

1. Join the appropriate state chapter on FB.
2. Setup a meeting at the district office between one and two weeks from the day you decide to do the meeting.
3. Loudly announce on the forums and FB state chapter group that you have a meeting on such and such a date. Ask for people to join you and experienced IV members to connect with you, give you handouts, talking points etc.
4. If no one joins you, it's ok, go by yourself, it's not the worst thing in the world. If you don't get the support you need from IV (documents/talking points etc), please feel free to be obnoxious and berate us every day in the State Chapters and publicly on the forums. We don't mind obnoxious people who produce results. We all are desperate people who work very hard on this and are obnoxious ourselves. We don't mind obnoxious who are willing to work hard - infact we like all people that work hard - especially the obnoxious ones because they work the hardest.
I will post on FB.
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