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Originally Posted by stuckinline View Post
Tracka and maga and all the other idiots who cheerleaded Greg without understanding the consequences .... You kids need to go away and play where you can't hurt yourselves...
I will not react to your abuse. Dragging kids into this is even more obnoxious. I will try and keep this civil. I do not gain anything by supporting Greg. your arguments do not make any sense to me. are you saying that IV also did not know the consequences when they supported Greg? Dint they know that the government would dig in their heels?. Supporting the lawsuit initially and then apportioning all blame to the lawsuit is lame.

are you trying tell me that all it takes is one lawsuit to undermine all the advocacy work that IV has been doing? So what will prevent a lawyer from filing a suit just to undo everything IV will do in the future?
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