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Originally Posted by Kartik1378 View Post
Good thought.. Even I have same question to the people who argues the IV efforts can undermine by the lawyers then what's the purpose of doing anything for future? It's really frustrate to see the people are calling other people as stupid,fool,slave,water-boy to win over argument.attacking personal just shows your weakness.

I gave money to Greg. But it did not work. I have now understood what he is doing. So I cut my loss and move on. Unlike you, who seem to worship Greg, why? Because he White? Or because he is lawyer? Which one is it?

And what is wrong with accepting what already is. Greg screwed up and he should own up to it. There was no need for him to jump to file lawsuit on Monday without any thought. It was rash. He is a lawyer and professional, he should have known better. He could have waited to see how it will work better consulted with others before jumping in. But he wanted to jump ahead of everyone else because he probably thought that this VB fiasco is just like July 07 VB fiasco. And if this VB would have gotten reversed, he was probably thinking that his stock will sky rocket as he would the credit no matter how the VB is reversed.

If he did this to get the credit, then Greg should also show some maturity and own up that he screwed up. There is nothing wrong with owning up, that is what mature people do. That is what humans do.

But you Maga and some others are deflecting the failure as if somehow some one else or those who had nothing to do with lawsuit are responsible for failure. This is absurd and people like me who gave money to Greg are feeling sick of this.

When you act in this absurd manner then people like me are left with no choice but to call you "stupid,fool,slave,water-boy". You bring this upon yourself with your absurd behavior treating Greg as god because he cannot be wrong because humans cans be wrong. And Greg is making it difficult on all of us and on himself by continuing this without owning up to it. And people like you and maga are adding fuel to the fire by splashing in the mud because it is falling all over you but you are complaining to get dirty. People like you are the reason for this mug slinging.
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