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Originally Posted by greyhair View Post
before the civilized society people fought with each other to draw blood and break necks..... in civilized world that system has been replaced with laws and courts.... filing lawsuit on anyone means picking up serious fight.... after u pick a head-on fight there is no way to work with you or give in what you want......

gregs lawsuit is picking head on fight so government has to fight..... so now they cannot give in

iv's flowers and moral angel was the right way to get this done...... as was in july 07...... there was no lawsuit then

greg's lawsuit negates every chance of reversing visa bulletin.... because when government is forced to defend itself by giving all these arguments in court, then even if they wanted to simple restore sept 9 VB, then how can the government ignore all those arguments (that government if forced to present in court)?

Greg's lawsuit is the last nail in the coffin of sept 9 VB...... anyone who gave money to greg should be ashamed of themselves..... including you abcdgc.....

if lawsuit was not there..... flowers could have worked, pressure from members of congress and letters from companies..... all of these together could have worked..... just as it did in july 07...... but now government is forced to tell everyone that they cannot do anything becoz the matter is in the court...... and government is now put into the corner to defend itself.....

25k given to greg is the reason for this mess..... if he wanted money..... u should have just given him for not filing lawsuit..... so there still would have been room to restore sept 9 Vb...... but now all hope is dead...... not becoz of flowers..... but becoz of the lawsuit.....

not just greg but all of u who gave money to him are directly responsible for this mess....... did greg filed lawsuit becoz he wanted money?..... if yes, then you folks delivered him what he wanted.... say, if he knew that he won't make a penny.... would he then file this lawsuit? if not..... then the whole problem with this VB mess is those people who give money in desperation without looking at the bigger picture....... u get what u paid for.... a stalemate with dead end..... that is what u bargained for.... that is what u got..... and u abcdgc is one of those who is responsible for this becoz u gave money to greg...... so why are you complaining now?

This is the first post that that makes sense. Thank you for thinking this over and laying down in simple way for me to understand. You are right. I should not have given any money to Siskind. I was naive and got carried by drum beat on the other forum. I was even supporting him on tweeter as soon as the visa bulletin was reversed. But by the time I gave money to him the litigation was already filed. So I could not have done anything. But it was my fault and I regret it. Now that I think about all that, it makes me mad as hell because I gave money against my own interest. My wife told me not to give money for litigation but i did no listen. It is my fault and I accept it. This is my 2nd green card petition after job change. Right now I am really feeling stressed and I really need to file AOS. What can we do to fix visa bulletin now? What can IV to to help now?
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