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Originally Posted by Kartik1378 View Post
As you said, we both and also like many of us supported Greg. Also remember i support the IV actions as well. if you were frustrated and lost faith all of sudden because of the TRO denied that means you had no knowledge about how the lawsuit works and its timelines. Also please don't act low by bringing the race in to this.

The argument is not about that. some of our friends suddenly cursing the members who are having favorable thought on the lawsuit. also the propaganda in recent days as all the lawyers are evil and ruined all the IV efforts and will continue to ruin. if that's true then what is the use of putting efforts on IV action items when some of the evil lawyer going to interrupt anyway? why the volunteers needs to be work hard on the action items if we know there will be no value?
My views and I dont speak for IV.

IV and us have to work hard because what we are seeking is something lawyers collectively don't want us to have. Like I said before they are 21 billion dollars industry and we are tiny and our uncles dont work in washington. The lawyers are not evil but as a whole have different interest than ours. How many times do we have to talk about AILA never listing I140 ead/ap in their correspondances?

Now, a few lawyers are very active in attracting us by various means. All they have to do is publicly talk and show that they care about their immigrant clients in backlog. Write blogs or provide a forum for people who are mainly backlogged. And we love it! While real action and their agenda cannot be known.

So instead of taking lawyers word for it, you and I can actually join with IV volunteers and take our own actions. If you cant, lawyers have succeeded in preventing meaningful action which is good for them. For that, they will give you more blog posts and tweets. Look beyond the lawsuit.
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