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Ramalingam is infamous around these parts Ramalingam is infamous around these parts Ramalingam is infamous around these parts Ramalingam is infamous around these parts Ramalingam is infamous around these parts Ramalingam is infamous around these parts

Originally Posted by greyhair View Post
and yours is the first sincere post that i've seen today..... accepting when you are wrong becoz there is nothing bad about acknowledging that (as you said)..... but only handful of people do that....

your fault is not that you gave him money..... your fault is that you started beating down the drum to support him on twitter and everywhere else which encouraged him and gave him the confidence that he will be able to raise the money he wanted..... becoz you participated in getting him that confidence is the reason he decided to file his lawsuit.... and when he did file the lawsuit..... you and others like you delivered by giving him the money he wanted..... which he probably expected based on the chatter on twitter...... so your intent to give him money declared by beating down the drum on twitter is at fault.... and you followed through by actually giving him the money after the case was filed.... by which time any chance of VB reversal was dead....

i am so surprised that u gave money becoz i thought u understood the games lawyers play.... how can you fall for this?...... and this is not what you want to hear but it is too late now.... u cannot take back the lawsuit and the government is now dug in (becoz it was forced to take that position) in court..... u can't do anything about oct VB.... learn to move on (as you said)..... but next time see the bigger picture before you go with heard mentality.... if you learn this lesson from this event then you will be in good shape in future...... listen to IV.... and that what I did.... wish u would have done the same.....
I doubt there will be any negative impact on lawsuit. Even there will not be positive impact unless there is success in the lawsuit. This time chance of VB reversal is almost nil as the reaction was completely expected by USCIS. You are doing all the actions done because of success in 2007. Similarly USCIS might have well thought about it because they decided when they cancelled the conference. They might take 2 weeks to consult legal experts and might have got approval from WH also. Basically after Sept 9 VB they realized that there was some mistake in VB and correction was issued. I heard the impacted persons are around 10 to 20k for Eb2. Even in that most of them could get EAD within 6 months to 1 year as PD is expected to move forward. So it was over reaction from lawyers as well IV. But USCIS was sincere in fixes which was announced by President EO except some anticipated delay
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