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Originally Posted by DMX17 View Post
Except HR 213, the other two items will be taken care via lawsuits. Do we have a knowledge lawyer in mind who can start these ASAP? People are willing to fund.
Originally Posted by Ramalingam View Post
I doubt there will be any negative impact on lawsuit. Even there will not be positive impact unless there is success in the lawsuit. This time chance of VB reversal is almost nil as the reaction was completely expected by USCIS. You are doing all the actions done because of success in 2007. Similarly USCIS might have well thought about it because they decided when they cancelled the conference. They might take 2 weeks to consult legal experts and might have got approval from WH also. Basically after Sept 9 VB they realized that there was some mistake in VB and correction was issued. I heard the impacted persons are around 10 to 20k for Eb2. Even in that most of them could get EAD within 6 months to 1 year as PD is expected to move forward. So it was over reaction from lawyers as well IV. But USCIS was sincere in fixes which was announced by President EO except some anticipated delay
There already has been negative the above posts. What world are you living in?

The rest of it sounds like wishful thinking...I too wish it were true.
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