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Originally Posted by max4438 View Post
I do not think HR213 has much chance of becoming the law - it has to pass house, pass senate and then signed.

We suffer daily from this issue that sometimes (me included) forget to put ourselves in the shoes of the other side.

I'll draw a very crude analogy recognizable to many Indians. In India, what if all of a sudden people from Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Bhutan started coming in and taking high paying private sector jobs for a 6 year basis. And then these foreigners started protesting for permanent citizenship. They can protest all they want, meet with Indian MPs, do dharna in Delhi, but the fact is that the Indian citizens and government will be appalled by the foreigners taking jobs and creating extra competition. And these are not low paying jobs, mind you, these are jobs that are considered good (lets put it Rs. 15 lac + per year). Will you ever allow this to happen in India as citizens of that country? Probably not.

Now these are the same sentiments that run deep over here and rightly so. Chances are that we will feel the same if were on the other side.

These are the sentiments we should be aware of and which makes me believe that HR213 or any other provision will never pass. We have come so far on our work visas because of businesses who want cheap labor and know how to work the system to a certain degree.

IV's intentions are right and I applaud the hard work being done by each member. But if I were on the other side of the debate, IV would be no different than the foreigners who sit at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.
You are ignoring several facts, such as
  • per-country is in every single high-skilled immigration bill, including crappy ones like the SKILLS visa act.
  • Per-country passed the house 389-15, it is hugely popular.
  • This is not India

I could go on and on and on.

But fundamentally, this is what it boils down to, IV members are not morons - we deal with the system from the inside and know better than anyone else what is possible and what isn't.

If you honestly believe the cause is hopeless, and no one gives a shit about us - why are you even here? Time is valuable. Maybe you should go back to India and salvage what you can out of your life.
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