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Default Did You got your GC as of today ????

Originally Posted by stirfries View Post
My priority date is Feb. 24th 2004. I got an RFE requesting new medicals, EVL, and G-325A biographic forms. The first time I heard about this RFE was through text update from USCIS on May 7th. The actual RFE details was received at my Home address on May 21st. It took around 2 weeks to actually receive the RFE details from the time I got first updated about my RFE through text and email.

It took almost 4 weeks to get the EVL letter from my employer. Just last week, I answered the RFE through my attorney. It took almost a month and a half from the date I first received the RFE, to complete the response process. Its a good thing, USCIS gave almost 3 months time period to respond to the RFE.
I just wonering after all your reply did you Got your GC by now ?
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