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Default Please post all EB 3 India still waiting from April1 2004

Hi Guys
Is any body out there who post or read IV threads and is in EB3 I backlog please post your status in respect to did you got RFE and what happened after your response to RFE till you GC.
It helps to educated and informed what going on around this community of EB3 who are suffering since last 15 years and less.
So far I have gathered is many of those whose priority dates were in march and april till dec got GC before OCT retrogation but some unlucky ones like me are left as my RFE got lost in mail and I requested second time it took 60 days to get copy of RFE what a shame in todays computer and digital world . and now dates are retrogessed ,when they received mine RFE.
Please keep the thread alive and help educating our community.
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