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Originally Posted by Bhishma View Post
All Sepoys/Chamchas/Chelas/SuperDuperModerators,
I guess a reminder to everyone….. or an effort to bring to their attention for the first time in case their vision has been covered by the dust from twitter lies and forum hallucinations.

The group (IV) that other forum is not supposed to describe by name is the only one that pushed for this I-140 fix with the agenda of providing job flexibility to everyone of us. Again the intent was to provide job flexibility and the VB was also based on the same idea. As they said in the conference, the intent of AC21 was to provide job flexibility, but reality is very different as can be seen by the backlog condition we are all living. 15 year ago, they used the job flexibility disguise to create a system that does not really provide job flexibility in an easy way that does not put in money in their pockets. Here, by they, I mean all of them mentioned in Admin2’s pot: Lawyers, Employers, Government Officials

So we would not be talking about this unless IV had worked hard since last year. Now that we heard the same man (Aman) from IV talk about the fix which they put in EO in the first, I cannot comment if there are still people out there questioning IV’s credibility (as it was famously twitted by the #1 lawyer on the internet).

Reading Admin2’s post, I have a feeling that this fix is not going to be easy.
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