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Originally Posted by Bhishma View Post
All Sepoys/Chamchas/Chelas/SuperDuperModerators,

Here are a points for you to consider leaving as 'comments' to this thread

Why did Aman speak at this conference?
Why did Aman not send a private email to DHS Ombundsman and the panel?
Did Aman really leave his EGO and represent the entire backlogged Skilled immigrant
What did Aman achieve from his question today when it was clearly tweeted by our
honorable, respected, deemed immigration lawyers?
Why did DHS Ombundsman or the panel 'block' Aman when he was asking the right questions?
Why did Aman speakup at this conference, he could have clearly tweeted or blogged with all his questions?
Why did Aman speak about 'Displacement' when he could have used his time to get more H1Bs?
What are immigrant rights? Why did Aman talk about rights when he could have clearly asked for EAD?
What was it that Aman mentioned about 'I-140 Immigrant worker petition'?
Why did Aman side track the discussion about 'Immigrant worker petition' when our beloved lawyers clearly told us that it is Employer property and they will not be sharing it with us
Why did Aman not speak about Skills Act when it clearly increases 55K visas?
Who paid for Aman's expenses? Is it all accounted for? Does IV have receipts?
Why did Aman represent all immigrants when 5 or 6 of us have a different outfit?

I am working hard guys. Please help me help you. Post me any points that I missed and my apologies
Let me take this Opportunity to thank Aman first. He will be remembered lifelong for what he has done today. I could not resist but to comment for the first time though. I regularly visit both the forums. Such was the impact of Aman's voice that senior members in lawyers forum came to the front and appreciated Aman which shows the charm by itself. s-Gan,santy,soopergirl and some others fought with their own members to thank and appreciate Aman.
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