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Originally Posted by Administrator2 View Post
Link to the YouTube video from earlier today at DHS Ombudsman:

This video represents the collective anguish of the skilled Immigrants stuck in green card backlog who have very few rights and are victims of a corrupt system protected by a syndicate of employers, immigration lawyers and government officials. This syndicate functions as a mafia whose purpose is to ensure the status quo so the system continues to bring in immigrant workers with fewer rights into US and ensures that those workers continue to have fewer rights so companies can have more control over immigrants workers to displace Americans.

The system feeds off the work of very little job mobility for Immigrants. The way the real system works, immigrants with fewer rights are more attractive to the employers over equivalent American workers, resulting in the displacement of American workers. This is the real reason for instances of American losing job to temporary visa holders in companies like Disney, Southern California Edison and hundreds of other companies across the country. So the system ensures that immigrants are exploited and Americans are discriminated against. This is not an exception, this is the norm and this is how the real system works.

DHS Ombudsman’s Annual report shows a graph for L1B RFE rate. Immigration Voice wants to know, why the Ombudsman/DHS/USCIS has never EVER published any report showing number of Americans displaced by H1 & L1 visa programs – Americans who lost their jobs because their replacement had fewer rights, or, immigrants who were exploited by employers.

I just sat through a day’s worth of nonsensical commentary about how to bring in more Immigrants into the country and to ensure that they have fewer rights. There was not a peep about the rights of immigrant workers. No one asked obvious questions about the many elephants in the room. Why DHS/Ombudsman Annual event has only immigration lawyers or company representatives as the only “stakeholders”. Why common immigrants or Americans are not considered “stakeholders”? Are common people not allowed to participate in public debate? And when I tried to speak up that throughout the event, no one in the room brought up “displacement of American worker”, “exploitation and abuses of immigrants” or that “immigrants have fewer rights”, DHS officials tried to shut me down even though they would let some immigration lawyer break the rule set by moderator and ask 3-4 questions.

EAD for I140 rule will give some ability for immigrants with approved immigrant petition to change jobs. But we see that immigration lawyers and companies are trying to kill or water down this fix. What are the authorities going to do to help the One Million plus people stuck in Green Card backlogs – people with fewer rights – hanging in there – in great emotional and financial stress – costing American jobs? What has the USCIS being doing for the last 10 plus years while this human tragedy has been unfolding? Don’t they read the letters we send them? Why are Immigration Lawyers asking questions designed to get USCIS/DHS to say that an Immigration Petition does not belong to the Immigrant? Why is the I-140 EAD rule taking so long?

After sitting through a day of immigration lawyers, employers and the government pat each other on the back for their success in exploiting the system – these were my thoughts and questions to the Panel and the Audience.

This is the real reason why Americans are fed-up with the government because handful of corrupt government officials are trading changes to the system to ensure immigrants have fewer rights so these corrupt government officials will get a cushy private sector job someday.
Thank You Aman !!
Kudos to your courage for speaking the TRUTH !!
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