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Originally Posted by whatever2015 View Post
As they say, you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. The thing that we are doing is “nothing “ and result is the never-ending wait.
We Indians tend to procrastinate, blame it on destiny and hope it will get better.
I must admit that I was guilty of the same

The enthusiasm and the dedication of some of the IV members/volunteers just blow my mind away. I have talked to a few and looking forward to meeting them during the course of our fight

There is a mindset that people in authority can’t be reached or they wont listen to our concerns. That is a myth and the representatives are more than willing to meet with the constituents and lend a sympathetic ear.

I heard about IV after the VB reversal and was part of the flower campaign. I met Congressman Keith Rothfus (PA-12) at a meeting and aired my concern. He listened patiently and told me to call his office. After persistent calls for 2 weeks they put me in touch with the Legislative assistant at the DC office. I was surprised when he called me to discuss “immigration issues”. He had heard of IV and I proudly said I was an IV volunteer. We talked briefly about the VB reversal and HR 213.

I needed more help and reached out on the IV forum for more material and talking points when a senior member contacted me and has been guiding me through the process. We have a meeting scheduled with the congressman in 2 weeks
We have been collecting signatures from a local Indian store and Diwali parties.

So here I am, will keep you guys posted about the meeting

If there is anyone in PA- 12 that been adversely affected by the VB reversal or the protracted wait with a compelling story can join us for the meeting to make the case. PM me and we can talk.

I would also encourage other people in untapped districts to not wait on the sidelines. It is our life and we have to fix it.
This is what is called 'doing the right thing'. What you did is exactly what every backlogged skilled immigrant should ideally be doing.

It is never too late, I encourage everyone reading this thread to contact your Congressman to request their support for HR213
Repeat after me: "Immigration lawyers are Pro-Immigration but Anti-Immigrant"
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