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My congresswoman already cosponsored HR213 (Ashburn, Virginia). This is what i was doing for the last one month
Called my friends and colleagues i educated them about HR213. What i noticed is 50% of them are not aware what is HR213 about, after explaining them about this bill and IV efforts they are ready to work on this issue.

i asked them to form a group of 10 people and meet their congressmen/congresswoman, now they formed as groups and working on this effort.

Main problem i see is people are not motivated, they all say HR3012 is failure and "point at recent VB reversal" and nothing happening as part of EO from president , i asked them if we sit like this will something happen on its own? after 20-30min conversation most of them are realized they should participate and help themselves.

this is how i am contacting my friends and colleagues, i am checking who didn't cosponsor the bill already and call friends and colleagues in that area to go and meet the congressman/congresswoman , for instance in Georgia nobody cosponsored that bill and i see lot of people who are impacted live-in Georgia, similar is the case of missouri and same is true of Texas (only 2 cosponsors).

i am doing my best to call everyone that i know of to work with congressman's office if they are not supported already, i asked them to do the same to call their friends and colleagues to do the same.

I am targeting at-least 20 of my friends and colleagues who are living in places where their congressman is not supported this bill.

friends whoever is browsing this thread pleases do the same(call friends and colleagues and motivate) ask them to and go talk to congressman to support HR213.

any other ideas?
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