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Originally Posted by testman View Post
First you make an observation about Indians and then ask not to name something for Indians Why don't you stop generalizing.

Apart from this, I saw your agenda about badmouthing H1B employees. So stop pretending you care for anyone other than yourself. We have many such as you who come in as sheeps.

Stop hurting the EB community by your narrow agenda.
Just because I make generalizations doesn't mean it's not true. This mentality needs to change if you want to fight the anti-immigrant forces in this country.

As for H1Bs, there are tons of highly-skilled Masters and PhD students who go to American universities and lose the H1B lottery to lower-skilled commodity developers who work in Indian consulting firms. This does not help the American economy (except by providing cheap, shoddy code), nor the perceptions of Americans towards EB immigrants. Keeping the low-skilled commodity programmers out will help wages rise and help us eventually with HR 213
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