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Originally Posted by hil3182 View Post
I don't know Jambo and am not in his State Chapter and I don't want to come across as speaking for him - but he claims to have done a HR.213 meeting with this State Chapter and approached me for help with the follow-up note.

To me it sounds like he supports HR.213 and wants to see per-country caps on EB GC's gone.

What do you mean by saying Jambo is "openly against immigrants"?
Dear Hil -

1. He has already stated his position that he is against those who came here through some consulting firm. He wants to restrict H1B's such that no 'commodity developer' are able to work here. How can we be so sure that he is not hurting the cause under the banner of IV.

2. Why does he want to start an infight even before anything is achieved?

I come from a poor background and never had enough money to arrange for a flight ticket leave alone coming to US for M.S. Didn't have the heart to ask my parents for money.

I came here with $64 in pocket as a 'commodity developer.' Slept on floor and ate half a meal a day for many months. Worked here and went on to do an M.B.A from one of the top 5 institutes in U.S. I hate it when people with all the resources start insulting people as 'commodity developer' and want to shut the door behind them.

Mr Jambo has started this, and I want to state that such people hurt more than helping. Nothing against him, but totally against this policy of dividing and denigrating people.
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