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Thanks for hosting the call and for Aman to be willing to take time out over the weekend to answer questions.

Clearly this regulation does not do much more than paying lip service to the idea of "Retaining Skilled Workers".The only benefits I see are 60 day grace period, no revocation of 140 and retention of dates. But overall, it seems like these were non codified rules that are just being codified now explicitly. So, in that sense this isn't much progress at all.

It seems like USCIS is saying that because we have made it easier for you to retain\not lose your date and due to the same or similar we have made it easier to take promotion etc. now you should be able to do endless transfers of H1 visas between employers and don't really need an EAD \ AP.

I am quite surprised that there is such a huge gap between what they believe "Freedom" is vs. what the overall EB community would accept at a bare minimum. Something seems to have gone horribly wrong in this process of rule making.

I am sure we'll have a co-ordinated response for comments but I am just curious how effective these comments are in helping make changes to proposed rules? I mean, I would expect to see thousands of comments and many of them will ask for EAD and AP without many restrictions. However, can USCIS not simply ignore them and still do what they are proposing right now?

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