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Default Thanks Aman and IV !!!

Originally Posted by hil3182 View Post
Aman Kapoor - President, Immigration Voice will talk in-depth about recent developments, next steps and action items as it relates to the recently announced regulations and the ongoing legislative efforts. If you are impacted by the recently announced regulation "Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Worker" - also popularly known as the "EAD for I-140 rule" - we think you will find this call highly valuable.

Some notes about this call

- We anticipate a large volume of participants for this call. Please use *either one* of the dial in codes available.

- Please post your questions in this thread BEFORE 9 pm EST on Saturday 1/2. We want to make sure we address all questions & topics.

- We will try our best to answer every question as it relates to the regulation and other legislative efforts, but are not able to provide answers and advise on individual immigration cases. Please refrain from asking about an issue that specifically impacts your case.

(Dial into *either* conference)
Dial-in : (712) 770-4010 Access Code : 400-533


Dial in: (641) 715-3580 Access Code: 826-780
It will be always less no matter how much we thank you.

This rule seems derailed completely from what it was looking earlier from the leaked memo and all, we all know who are behind this derailing. IV already told us the "watering down" process behind the scenes.

My concern is: If NOT this rule, then can we expect something better in near future since this administration is ending anyways. So, if our negative comments will stop this rule from happening at all or delaying it, will there be anything better or nothing at all. Since I understand this rule is BS but it still proves official confirmation on "I-140 irrevokability" and H1B grace period. Which is peanuts but again "something is better than nothing" .. so, I want to know how powerful will be the power of comments to change it in our favor more?

Also, on the other hand, the same groups of lawyers and employers who have watered down this, will still comment on it to make it happen in the same or even less effective way, won't they?

Last but not the least, there is NO EAD at all. An EAD only for people with "compelling reasons" having only 1 year validity and that too with NO renewals, if PD/FA is not gonna be current (which we are never sure how visa bulletin will fluctuate or retrogress), literally means = NO EAD AT ALL.

Can we do something to change that clause???
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