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Originally Posted by Jambo View Post

I think it is now quite evident that the AILA lobby as well as the H1B body shops like Infosys had a hand in influencing this rule. Immigration Voice needs to take a stand. If we don't get what we want, I suggest that IV send out a press release containing a "letter of boycott" to:
1) all employers that have laid off American workers in order to get cheap H1B labor [e.g. Disney]
2) A list of lawyers that have advocated to water down the I 140 EAD AP provisions
3) All Indian consulting companies that pay less than market wage [please note and market wage is not the same as prevailing wage]

This letter should also instruct all readers that:
1) IV members have been instructed to boycott the above businesses
2) elite colleges in India have been sent a letter informing them of this racist immigration system with presentations to follow, and urging students to study in any other country except the US
3) IV is coordinating with pro-immigration politicians in other G8 countries who are more receptive to high-skilled immigrants to start an awareness program to encourage current H1B immigrants in limbo to migrate to their countries instead
4) IV is sending this letter to major US colleges as well as major US College associations

The only language these people understand is the law of money. Let us hit them in the pocketbook, where it hurts.
All fair points but if IV ended up working on every single idea that every one had then I suspect nothing would ever get done. Coalitions and Grassroot movements work when they have a laser like agenda (which IV does) and they have a few things that they work on to very good at.

We should just coalesce around the general theme Aman laid out.

1. Donate as much as you can (preferably a recurring donation)
2. Comment on for the rule (use the IV template). Comment often - there is no limit.
3. Approach and work with the district and local lawmakers and staffers for both the House and Senate
4. Attend advocacy days in person

PS: I have done everything other than #4 above and I hope to get on with that this year too.

Good luck to all of us.
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