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Originally Posted by abhi_2753 View Post
I have a specific question, if someone could answer will be great help. I asked this question in wrong thread. sorry about asking this question twice.

I have 140 approved almost 4 years ago with employer A. Then I moved to employer B and employer A revoked 140. My current employer is in process of PERM. My question is with proposed memo, will I able to get extension even my 140 is not approved with current employer and even previous 140 is revoked?
If your I-140 from Employer A is already revoked, you will not be able to use that today or when the new rule goes in effect for new H-1 extension. I mean the new rule does not intend to create a new Zombie I-140 category where died I-140 (killed by employer) will come back to life for "lifetime" wage depressing H1 extensions.

That revoked I-140 is, however, good for retaining the priority date (which your employer B should request on their I-140) and this "PD porting" is allowed NOW under the current law only.
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