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Thanks IV for being open in asking for contributions for the purpose of renewing lobbyist’s engagement. And thanks to those who are contributing and those we are considering.

I must say the contributions so far look pathetic given the number of people who attend IV calls! If all or most of the 1000+ people from the call would do their share and contribute whatever little they can, we would be in good shape.

Here is an old post which inspired me in early 2015 to start my recurring contribution:

Originally Posted by imh1b View Post
Thank you for your appreciation and understanding my points.

Taking the post further I feel most of us do not really know whom we should blame for the long wait time of greencard. Some of us blame government, some blame lawyers, some companies , some people blame laws, some people other ethinic group for coming in huge number and some narrow minded even talk about blaming visa carryover rule change, some blame some organization etc. While I agree there are big sharks out there like companies that take advantage, lawyers that file slow for employers so that employee stays longer, websites that see a threat if their traffic gets greencard and thus will not be able to make money from advertising when people track cases, businesses that own such websites to sell their products that are fishy and so on.

People fail to understand the real reason for their sorrow and how they can overcome it. IN a capitalist economy where everything is driven by business interest, and democracy allows legal ways of lobbying, lobbying is the only way for us. We do not own multi million industries. But we can certainly have an organization , pool lot of money and spend on lobbying. This is one and only one option left for us. For that we will need constant flow of money because lobbying takes time to show results. Fortunately there is to do that but legal immigrants are not woken up yet to this side of American democracy.
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