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Originally Posted by BABUG View Post
Dude, I don't have any problem, I passed on the same info earlier to some one else who want to contribute differently than the options provided. Don't get too personal by saying 'YOU'.
Originally Posted by Administrator2 View Post
You are absolutely right. Just coz we disagree with 1 aspect does not mean we cannot work together. You bring voice of maturity.

Often we see two folks fight with each other on the forum and one of them leave saying bad things about IV even when no one from IV participated in that exchange.

We can disagree on minor things but can still work together for bigger goal in front of us.
Guys, My only point is i don't want any one to say that "I want to contribute 100 $ and i don't have an option", so i posted that option to tell every one that you can contribute to a good cause .
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