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Can I ask a question ? Copied from my FB question and cleaned up for clarity.

The comment is very well thought out and very detailed. I have a very basic question, that I am sure you all would have thought about or is probably not even relevant.

At the risk of extreme oversimplification, the majority of the argument rests on the fact that a valid PERM and a valid I-140 (based on the PERM) are used to provide unlimited H1b extensions. However, the congressional intent is to provide "Job flexibility" and "ONE TIME EXTENSION" . Therefore, if the intent was to provide one time extension and allow job flexibility, then the only way is to provide an EAD and AP.

This is certainly a novel approach (and highlights why IV did not publish the comments earlier) , but the potential downside could be that DHS could say we will need a new PERM and new I-140 for every H1b extension. Is this not a valid risk or do you believe employers would not let this happen ?
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