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Originally Posted by HumHongeKaamyaab View Post
I read the document word by word and found myself feeling emotionally drained because iI could UNDERSTAND what was in the document. This is a great feat to put together such a compelling argument and anyone with half a heart should have no issues relating to our plight. I praise all the hard work IV has put in.

I guess I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I was wondering ..isn't there enough reasons that this comment from IV provides us to sue DHS? How can they justify all the crap they are doing?
I personally do not know the answer as none of us here are lawyers. Your point seems valid that DHS cannot just make whatever regulation they think serves the purpose of the INA statutes. The irony is that the immigration lawyers (who have written blogs etc.) seem to imply that DHS did not go far enough because of fear of lawsuit, and you come along to say the exact opposite : We should sue because DHS did not go far enough!

Your point seems reasonable to me.
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