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Originally Posted by thankstooptx View Post
"sue DHS?"
This was my exact thought. If it was any other agency (IRS, FCC etc) that misinterpreted the laws, they would have faced a shitstorm how is DHS able to get away with this?
How is DHS able to get away with this? is the same question as : "How is anyone able to get away with anything?"

Answer - "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. "

Because the people who are correct and 'shareef' decide to stay silent.

Because the one person who is reading this thinks "Mere bolne se kuch nahi main chup comment padh lete hain ab aur phir dinner karenge while watching CNN or Netflix"...rinse and repeat the next day..

Because we as Indians are too 'timid' because our parents taught us (Incorrectly) to stay in the back of the line and don't make a sound..otherwise harm might come to not do any 'leaderi' or 'chaudhrayi'...when this is the EXACT need of this hour..

Because we will buy a $60 shirt from Armani and post pics on Facebook ..but will not donate $60 to IV to support their need for a lobbyist..

Because ..because all know the reasons...but you all cannot change those reasons...cos change is too much work yaar...
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