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Originally Posted by dipdowndust View Post
You can always buy house. Lot of people on h1 buy houses. Career growth could be tough due to job mobility and new employer has to agree to keep filing H1b and GC.

This new bulletin shows that EB2 is now EB3. Sudden surge in demand of EB2 is probably due to porting which is unknown data. EB3 folks have to do porting if they want GC in this lifetime. There is no end in sight unless there is major reform and that is not going to happen soon.
Well my situation is not ideal. Not enough time on H1(living beyond 6 years) , Not living in a city where I would put my roots down. 140-EAD was a ray of hope but that's gone I guess. Retrogressing the EB2 is another major set back. This has been some year for legal immigration ! Looking at the candidates from both parties I must say its not looking good for us.
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