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Angry Next update only in summer 2017

Whatever the people can pitch their hopes on, I strongly think there won't be any good news for legal immigrants this year.
The hard reality one should accept is Legislative bills before summer 2017 is a dream or miracle. Even if paul Ryan brings in a bill it can't pass senate due to numerous reasons.
The 140-EAD also seems like it is watered down completely as somebody earlier mentioned that the IV can file CASE based on the arguments of the ongoing DACA, DAPA case. The outcome of I140-EAD rule is also largely dependent on that case and any news before the verdict of DACA or DAPA case is highly unlikely for legal immigrants.
The 1140-EAD rule loses either way as Positive judgement on DACA,DAPA will overload USCIS so I140-EAD rule will not see the light. If negative then Obama doesn't have right to provide EAD so DHS will step back with I140-EAD. So logically this year looks discouraging.

This is just my opinion coming out of frustration. Also, I am just trying to derive the outcome based on the circumstances in the political arena and preying to be wrong on this.
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