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Originally Posted by kichoudh View Post
I personally did feel frustated after seeing the June 16 Bulletin but now I am not frustated any more as I feel that we just have to keep fighting for our rights.

We have to align our mouth, our needs and our purses. We do not have any influence on the democratic election process but we could donate to IV monthly whatever we can.

I do feel continuously frustated that the community does not want to spare a dime on fighting for the Immigration Legislation. Green Card Holders, US Citizens and Legislators of Indian Origin should help their country men too. Look at the Hispanic Origin folks how they all come together.

These are my thoughts tonight. Again I am still a novice trying to understand the whole dynamics and may be misinformed.
I share your feeling buddy. Unfortunately the unexplained long silence from IV Leads is already showing its consequences. Looks like some have pulled out of their recurring donations. It is 9th of May and I see only $1213 of contributions.

I am gonna keep my recurring donations intact. But, I strongly encourage IV Leads to keep the dialogue going for everyone's sake.
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