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Very timely clarification and one that would set the expectations of folks right too.

People need to show maturity while dealing with a sensitive topic of "legal immigration" during these times when a lot is going on no only on this country but globally. Immigration has become a complex issues for all major economies of the world, more so in the US when the environment is politically charged.

We need to be cognizant of these issues and respect the sensibilities of others, if we want to continue discuss it online. Else, we'd be doing more harm than good to our cause.

While the expectation of getting the updates from IV is understood, the way some of the folks express themselves and even blame IV for current situation is totally unacceptable and uncalled for.

The sensitivity and complexity of the issues involved, demand a mature handling of the subject and patience to wait for things to shape up and not the unnecessary criticism of a group of friends that have been working for the cause, without much of support from the very same folks that will finally get the benefit. IV should at least be morally supported by us. Better, if we can support financially too and best, if we could actively support it by working with them.

Otherwise, it'd serve the interest of such impatient and selfish persons to simply quit here and go visit other sites that they find beneficial to them. It's time these guys stopped BSing the cause that IV has been fighting for.


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