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Hello All,

We all the time take about High Skill immigration!. We are serious about it; but undocumented are on road for taking State on ride.

Is their other country in world that America which keep Legal Workers at Bay and pamper undocumented? Lets look are Pro Immigrant state like California. CA DMV does not issue temporary driver license if you are waiting in queue for USCIS bureaucracy.
But they welcome Undocumented. Give them driver license without question. I called up DMV policy guys when I had problem. They said that is their policy.

The fact when analysis is done about the actions tell the truth. We need to analysis what we are doing wrong instead of just that we are taking appropriate actions. The evidence tells the truth.
Hope will keep you alive; but hope is finally hopes. They are not the material truth.

I have no intention of offending anyone; but we are all techie. We are good at keyboard. Why not use it as a way to express our voice? Don't be shame as Key Board Warrior.
This is age of Internet of Things. Lets use Facebook , twitter and other possible social media to voice our concern. We don't have big number like Undocumented on the road; but we do have vision & thought goes along with it.
Lets use social media for our rights !!!!!!!!!!!
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