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Originally Posted by Eadfor I140 View Post
Remember that this is a public forum. By adding any data, comment or information, you are assuming that this may be visible to other users of this social network and the Bank.

2.We request that you speak in the first person and that you add value to your comments by providing information and contrasting perspectives. Remember that you are responsible for your contributions and for any possible consequences to your image and reputation. If you have any doubts, it is better to refrain from making a contribution.

3.This space provides a forum for an exchange of views or constructive debate; however it is not the appropriate setting for creating disputes, to discredit other users or third parties, or to lodge complaints or grievances which should be made through the specific channels established by the Bank for that purpose.

4.Treat other users with respect; use appropriate and correct language and act as though you are in the presence of the other person.
Sorry If I hurt your feeling Ji. I thought I was being very polite Sir Ji.

Can you please tell me where IV Admins have said that tweetar and farcebook were useful?

Infact Administrator2 said that (s)he wants us to meet our Congressman:

If you take the trouble to look around, there are many posts here on how tweetar, social media and petitions distract from people doing meaningful work.

I bet your one of the "petition masters" - running around from site to site saying "please sign petition" - Am I wrong?
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