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No, I don't believe the PERM process is different for different states. I have filed my PERM in Texas and MI and the procedure was the same. If done right the process from collecting the experience letters to filing the PERM should not take more than 6 months.

Some attorneys are notoriously slow. In fact both the attorneys I worked with were slow, I used to send emails and call them constantly through the entire process at least once a week. The paralegals are the one who handle most of the busy work and they are usually have very high work load, or are just flat out lazy. If you work for a smaller company they will give your case lower priority (which happened to me).

Once they get ready to file for the PERM ask them to send you a copy of the draft. Review every single item not once not twice but thrice. Because they will make mistakes and it will come to bite you in form of an audit.

If you cannot contact your attorney/para legal directly talk to your HR, send them a basket of muffins... ask your manager to talk to them... do what ever it takes because the necessity is yours and not theirs if for some reason they mess up they will just blame the system and move on.

Good luck with your GC process.
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