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Originally Posted by puneet2k5 View Post
I think this video link is an eye opener. It is very sad to see desi people trying their best to make the life of fellow desis miserable.

This also underlines the importance to contributing to IV on a regular basis. Hopefully, IV would hold conference calls more often on a regular basis to keep its members updated on its back channel immigration reform efforts. These calls can also serve as reminders to the members to contribute more often and on a regular basis.

I signed up for $100 a month contribution for 12 months this Jan. Total IV contributions have fallen significantly from Jan - Feb numbers. I feel one of because of the scarce updates from IV on its back channel immigration efforts. Hopefully, this trend would change and IV would hold more frequent update calls.
You notice how fucking quickly those videos went private once it got noticed? The lawyers groups and employer groups are watching all forums and Facebook groups. Their livelihood depends on it.

The lawyer woman - cuckoo (and Siskinds sidekick - kamakazee) on the lawyers forum used to laugh at IV - and call IV fraud when they said that lawyers groups and employers groups were actively trying to sabotage IV's efforts. They implied IV were secretive or dishonest for not talking about things happening behind the scenes.

Well, after seeing these videos, does anyone think it is wise for IV to be acting like a fucking "radio station".

At this point my view is if we don't trust IV - who has been telling us this truth about lawyers and employers collusion for years - we don't deserve our freedom. IV will share information with us when they are in a position to do so, until then donate and follow their action items. Last one was to visit you Congressman to talk about HR.213.

If you don't trust them, it's all our loss - but there is nothing that anyone can do. Historically in any movement 10% of the people did 90% of the work.
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