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As I understand correctly, if IV had enough funds this I-140 fiasco would not have happened. To take these lawyers and employers heads on, we need to have sufficient funds for lobbying and other activities.

Unfortunately, IV funds collection has dropped significantly. It should be a matter of grave concern. Existing donors seem to have stopped contributing, and the new members are not shelling out a penny. This implies that there is a disconnect between the IV leaders and its potential donors. I feel the reason for the same is the scarce updates from IV leaders. As members do not hear from IV leaders for months, they tend of assuming as if nothing is happening so why to contribute. Typical case of out of sight, out of mind.

I feel IV should have one conference at least every quarter to keep reminding its members to donate generously and also to answer any questions that members may have. IV need not disclose any information that may jeopardize its back-channel efforts, but such calls should keep the members motivated and hopefully help in the steady flow of the funds.
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