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Originally Posted by bpk View Post
I am a follower of IV as well as this group which has started the petition.

We all know that this petition is something that may not yield any results. We also know that this HR.213 bill will not yield any results either. Because of the deadlock between republicans and democrats. That will not change.

We are trying our efforts here as well and there as well. Signing this petition does not take more than a minute, let us do that. And let us continue to try to contact our local representatives, and we will try to work on this front as well. Just because IV believes in their effort does not mean that they should not believe in their effort.

We will get more visibility, if not anything. Please sign.

Please sign there and fight here as well. Good luck!
Alas! Only if that were true. I bet that not a single soul from the 50k+ petition signers have placed a single phone call. Instead they are busy working on powerpoints, videos, images, strip-shows and poledances just to get people to sign up. In the time that it took you to write your comment above, you could have made 5 phone calls to your Congressmen but I bet you haven't done that and there is a good chance that you don't even know who your Congressman is!

Watch this if you really want to know why IV talks about real face to face advocacy vs petitions.

Pay specific attention to the first minute and a half to see what exactly your petitioning and tweeting will accomplish. Also pay attention to where he says that real humanoid Congressmen make decisions based on how many god-damn calls they receive. Not based on a goddamn petition!

If you need more evidence, just click a little more and look at the Graveyard of "Successful" Petitions here:

Click on any of these and you will notice the boiler-plate bullshit that you get as a response. The results that you have are exactly proportional to the effort that you put in i.e. ZERO!

It is unfortunate that we all expect an easy fix to a problem that has been fermenting since decades now. It is NOT easy so any solution that you pick that looks easy isn't going to be effective.

Btw, Calling my Congressman's local and DC offices took me less time than typing this fucking note! So wake up and please do that too! Better yet if you can convince the 50k folks who signed the petition to do that, then we'd be having a vote on HR213 by September!
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