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Default I-485 application: Issues with Birth certificates

I need some help with the birth certificate issues.

Case 1: I was born in 1978 at home, so have no hospital record. My birth was registered late, i.e. in 2008. It contains all the details, place, DOB, parentís name. As secondary evidence, I have my Class X certificate from ICSE board which has my name and DOB. I also have a college leaving certificate with my name, my father's name (has initials only for his first name) and DOB that I got from my university after finishing my graduation. Additionally, I have Aadhar card which has my name, my father's name and DOB. As tertiary evidence, I have got affidavits from my parents, a paternal aunt and a cousin who is around 19 years elder to me.

Case 2: My wife is from Tamil Nadu and there are issues with her name. She was named BBBB at birth but as there is a practice in TN she writes the initials of her father's name (XXZZ), as her first name. So, all her documents contain her name as X. BBBB SURNAME. Same way her fatherís name is C. XXZZ SURNAME (where C is derived from her grandfatherís name CDE) and her motherís name is X. GGGG SURNAME (where X. is derived from her husbandís name XXZZ). (Complicated! I know!).
Now as passport office does not allow the use of initials, her name on passport is XYZ BBBB SURNAME and her fathers and mothers name as CDE XXZZ SURNAME and XXZZ GGGG SURNAME. Her birth was registered within 2 days but the birth certificate contains her name as only BBBB SURNAME and the names of her father and mother have same issues, i.e. their names are written as XYZ SURNAME and GGGG SURNAME. This was the best we could get as there were some other issues with birth certificate which we got corrected but they were not ready to write initials against the names. She has got class X certificate with her DOB, her father's name there but having just initials for his "full" first name (i.e. C. X. Z. SURNAME). Her mother's name is written just as her first name and surname (i.e. GGGG SURNAME). She has also got affidavits with full names spelled out from her mother, her maternal and paternal grandmothers and maternal aunt. She also has aadhar card which has her name as X. BBBB SURNAME and her fatherís name as is C. XXZZ SURNAME. She also has PAN card with her name as X. BBBB SURNAME but her full fatherís name, i.e. CDE XXZZ SURNAME.
Please let me know will the secondary and tertiary evidence be fine in both cases or is there something else I should include. Also, in case 2, how to detail these complications to the officer in the cover letter? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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