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Originally Posted by dish
If you go through the H1b case data for the year 2005, (which can be downloaded from flcdatacenter), and look for the job code 030 (computer jobs),
and sort their salaries, you will see programmer analysts and software engineers being paid 25000 anually, Yes they are in california and other costly cities.

There are many programmer/sw engg jobs well belo 45000 annually.

This is what drives NumbersUSA and Programmers Guild to cry out "H1B fraud" and "Cheap Labor Imported". And they have facts to support them. This issue is serious and increasing H1b numbers without Reforming H1b for fraud and cheap labor is indeed a disaster for not only american citizens, but also to future aspirants of GC and Citizenship. In fact we should support NumbersUSA and ProgrammersGuild if they are proposing this reform.
You seem to be spending too much time on NumbersUSA website. Maybe you are starting to even like them
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