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Default numbersUSA is making a false assumption ..

that the only reason a corporation would hire an H1-B is because he works cheaper. Thats their motive behind suggesting "reforms" - they think with the new requirements none of us would be deemed "useful" to the economy after 3 years at the prevailing wage and would be kicked out. Which we know is BULL. The moment they realize the "reforms" dont meet their restrictionist agenda and the majority of us would still qualify for a GC, trust numbersUSA and chameleon meatloaf to change their tune instantly. And by the way, even our friend Jeff Sessions has gone on record to say the US should have an immigration policy like Australia's and Canada's focussing on skilled immigration. We all know how hollow that is - when the time for action comes(like last week), no prizes for guessing what he will do.

We would do well to steer clear of these treacherous xenophobes and have no truck with any of their restrictionist agendas. It is hypocritical of us as prospective immigrants to publicly align with such folks on H1-B, illegal immigration etc no matter what our own reservations may be about these issues.

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