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1. Check your offer letter
2. Check your employee handbook or some other document from HR
3. Check with your co-workers about the companies insurance policy.

If this is a mom-pop run operation then negotiate. Don't fight.. Worst case get DOL involved..

To best of my knowledge there is no law that forces the employer to give health insurance for free. This seems to be an admin error so the employer should take care of it.. You are not at any fault.

Originally Posted by rbalup View Post
Today my employer mentioned that they were not deducting health insurance from my paychecks from the time I joined the company about 4 yrs now. They are asking me the pay it now for the last four years gradually going forward.

Is it legal for the employer to do so?
If they haven't deducted health insurance earlier wouldn't it be considered as a benefit to the employee.
How do I respond to such a situation. I am not looking to strain the relationship with my employer. Please advice.

Thanks in advance.
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