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Originally Posted by anurakt
If you remember that I had pledged $1000 in last 20$ campaign and you guys could only shell out $500 out of me...which means that I still have a block of $500 which was not spent for IV in the past. Here is my next pledge :

" I will donate a lumpsum amount of $500 when we have the following level of monthly contribution and verified by IV core members :
200 members for 20$ and 100 members for $50 and 20 members for $100 , there is no date restriction attached this time , but I hope that it's done in this month, I call upon the members who can take this challenge and take that $500 from my pocket this time"

Note : Kvrr has signed for $100 and I will sign up for another $100 , which means we have only 18 members to go for $100 monthly to finish one piece of my pledge.

Can anyone tomm morning give me an update on where we are at from my pledge point of view !!

Come on guys make me poorer by another $500 if you have *****.
When the going gets tough , the tough gets going. Please consult an attorney before using my views , I am not a legal expert.

Contributed so far : $1100
Current Contribution : $100 per month
Pledge : Will donate $500 if we meet the following targets 20$ of 200 and 50$ 100 and 100$ 20 members.
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