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Originally Posted by VivekAhuja View Post
Royal Enfield - what part of ROYAL don't you get????? It's British - some parts may be made in India, just like garments exported from India. No big deal. Plus, this will never sell unless it is priced at 1K coz it is as powerful as a US made moped. Wonder if it will be legal on Freeways.
Your sorry ass is burning with rage when you are seeing Indians companies enter USA. Where were you when US companies were entering Indian Markets.

What part of globalization don't you understand?

Your pride GM and Cryister is dead. Got it. More will follow if USA has aholes like you and restricts best and the brightest to come and save this country. You will not even get your social security if this country denies us our citizenship. We are paying for the bankrupt social security to feed the unemployed, poor and aged of USA.
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