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Ah, a classic 'VivekAhuja' remark. Let me ask you, Did you read the NYTimes article...before posting your -Ve remarks???

"The claimed top speed of 82 miles an hour will not keep the C5 in the lead dog position for long, even in a pack of 250 cc Kawasaki Ninjas. However, a design requirement was for all-day cruising at 70 m.p.h. Thatís higher than the speed limit in much of the United States, and should not overly tax machine or rider.

Kevin Mahoney, the importer of Royal Enfield for the United States, said that the fuel economy of the UCE engine, over 80 miles a gallon in early tests, will be a pleasant surprise.

Royal Enfields equipped with the UCE are being backed with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty in the United States.

India has since become an automotive parts powerhouse. Local sourcing has helped Royal Enfield to remain competitive, and the domestic material content of the C5 exceeds 90 percent. With the Bullet Classic C5, the Royal Enfield designers have succeeded in building on the Bullet heritage and in their interpretation of retro-classic British style."
No need to try to be reasonable with anti immigrants. They are good for nothing folks who cannot do anything good in life. That is why they were kicked out of jobs. They blame immigrants for all their life problems but fail to look at themselves. Vivekahuja dude, if you do not have a job, go learn some new skills and upgrade yourself. If not then immigrate back to your original country in Europe. Maybe those folks will tolerate you. We are well on our way to become citizens of this country and will vote NO for racists and bigoted people like you.
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