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Originally Posted by ych003 View Post
Finally I decided to quit this pilot program.

There is no such thing to be enlisted as a Linguist. The US has their own Linguist Program and all of the MAVNI enlistees will be assigned or choose MOS based on the ASVAB score. Nobody will be a Linguist via this pilot program (They confirmed this several times)!

Then why they have enlisted the languages in the first creteria, the whole thing cannot be so wrong !!!

(2) For those who have bachelor degree or above, you will be an officer ONLY when you are younger than 29 years old limit. If you are 28 years old in 2009, and you get your citizenship in 2010, then you are no longer eligable to be an officer.

That means they will never ever be officer, and will remain to be be junior for rest of the service, even if they have appropriate qualification.? Can you please quote the origin of this information.

When I was told the truth by this Commender, I was stuned for a while and felt like being cheated. My suggest is that do not believe everything the recruiters say. Ask them to put promises in words by writing. This is an advice that an Navy Attorney offered. Good luck, folks! Citizenship is attractive, but nothing is free ...
[COLOR="red"Did you asked your recruiter to give you in contract , and he said NO. [/color]

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