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Default I-140 Approved- Company not provding the Approval Notice

H1b: 4th Year
Labor: Approved: Jul 2008
140: Approved: Dec 2008
Category: EB2
Priority Date: April 2008
485/EAD: cannot file due to retrogression
My employer(Company A) is not willing to provide the I-140 approval notice. Can I change employers and move to a new company (Company B), file for a GC and retain my old Priority Date considering the fact that my employer will not provide the I-140 approval notice.
1. Can someone help in telling me what is the best way to retain my old PD date when I move to a new company(Company B), without having the I-140 approval notice.
2. Also when I move to the new company(Company B) will I be able to file for a 3 yr extension as I have an approved I-140(greater than 180 days) of Company A
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