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Originally Posted by chitta123
Thank you all for the quick and helpful replies.

My current employer has assured me that they will not revoke my LC or I-140. It is a huge company and I think it will stick to its word. It will not have any use for the LC, I-140 anyway as the whole group was laid off and the product moved to India.

So, it seems that if I transfer to company B they will be able to file for an H1 extension beyond 6 years based on I-140 approved with company A. I can then start my GC process with B again while keeping my old priority date.

Once again, all your replies were immensely helpful.

Good Luck, many of us gone thru this but this retro making the things worse.

As mentioned by rb_248 also i am repeating again
What kind of job are you looking for? ( Main skillset )
Where are you located now ??
Are you willing to move ??

Post the details May be someone at IV could help you.

On the side note,
There are lot of debates, bickering , angry , jolly, sad comments in the other threads or say in IV , but when I saw something like this encouraging responses , i feel so happy. Thanks folks.
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
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