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Originally Posted by krishna.ahd
Good Luck, many of us gone thru this but this retro making the things worse.

As mentioned by rb_248 also i am repeating again
What kind of job are you looking for? ( Main skillset )
Where are you located now ??
Are you willing to move ??

Post the details May be someone at IV could help you.

On the side note,
There are lot of debates, bickering , angry , jolly, sad comments in the other threads or say in IV , but when I saw something like this encouraging responses , i feel so happy. Thanks folks.
Thank you and all the others who replied. It has all been very very helpful.

Actually, it is not the job I am worried about. I have already talked to my ex-boss about a position in his company.

The thing which concerns me is the ability extend my H1B beyond 6 years using the I-140 approved with my current employer. My lawyer was saying that it is not possible. But I do not trust him very much. He has often seemed very bookish, before also.

From the replies in this forum and other places, it seems like it is possible. Also, I found this in a USCIS document.

Question 7. Should service centers or district offices deny a request for an H-1B extension beyond the 6-year limit where the labor certification or immigrant petition from an employer who is not the H-1B petitioner was filed for the beneficiary more than 365 days ago?
Answer: No. The statute does not require that the labor certification or immigrant petition must be from the same employer requesting the H-1B extension.

I am going to talk to another lawyer next week and will post what he says here.
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