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Originally Posted by sanju
As per the bill, kids on H-4 and H-1B workers will be paying in-state tuition fee. I don't think the bill relates the PR with going to college. But not entirely sure about this….

Either way, it would only matter if this bill passes the House and the Senate and then signed by the President. All this is very unlikely in a situation where there are bigger fishes to fry on the immigration debate. But it is possible that the House leadership may include portions of this bill in the CIR to get the votes from the sponsors (Congressmen) of this bill, in support of CIR.
Well, that means that you, a legal immigrant, will need to subsidize them, illegals, through taxes. I definitely do not want to. You may ask "why are you so 'inhumane' to them?". Well... that's because nobody treats us as human beings. I think a lot of legal immigrants are getting numb now. Originally, I liked to participate in community services, etc. Now, I do not even think about it. Why? Because nobody cares about me and therefore, I cannot afford to care about others. Pure and simple.
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