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Default You might as well ask IV core team to work on everyone's behalf ..

Originally Posted by eb3_nepa
Sent the faxes.

One request to admin and core team. In the user profile section can we have a checkbox saying "I authorize IV to send new faxes as and when needed to the Senators/Congressmen". If the IV member checks it, each time a new fax comes out, a cron runs and auto faxes the lawmakers concerned. The IV member can revoke authority to auto-send faxes. This way, if ppl are busy or away from the computer the faxes can still be sent and monitored by the internal system just as well.

Thoughts ppl?
And just let all the members know when the amendments get passed and signed into an immigration law. That way one does not need to even visit the website and IV can just send that ONE special email when the bill becomes a law!

Come on eb3_nepa, we do not want to be a spamming server sending webfax just like that. Why do you think NumbersUSA/AILA has not setup auto faxes? Coz this is a grassroots movement and EVERYONE needs to do his her part!
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